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Welcome to Livingstone Ski Academy! Livingstone Ski Academy (LSA) is a featured program at Livingstone School in Lundbreck, AB. The Ski Academy is a skills-based program encompassing freestyle and downhill training. Located in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta at beautiful Castle Mountain Resort, LSA offers a full-spectrum package to both competitive athletes and students enrolled in the international and recreational programs who want to experience all that the region has to offer.


Who are we? 

We are a volunteer organization formed to assist the Livingstone Ski Academy.  The volunteer board is voted in at the AGM with positions including president, vice–president and directors, with no set terms.  As with any board, the greater the diversity of the board members, the better representative the Board is of the association.

What do we do? 

The LSAS assists LSA in three primary ways:

  1. The Board members, as well as individual parents attending meetings, provide feedback to LSA on how the program is running as well as opinions on proposed updates.  It is important to note that the focus of the LSAS is to provide feedback that can be used to guide the program, but is NOT to implement policy or program changes.
  2. LSAS helps to provide financial support to LSA.  In order to keep fees as low as possible, the LSAS was established to provide additional funding to the LSA program to provide for expenses over and above coaching and transportation, such as clothing, fun days, ski storage shack and the ski trailer.  The target amount identified by LSA for LSAS to raise for the Ski Academy program is $20,000 per year through sponsorship, grants, fundraising and the year end Gala.
  3. LSAS also assists the Livingstone School District to identify potential host families for billeting international students taking part in LSA.

How do I get involved? 

The best way to become involved is to attend our AGM, this year on Thursday, September 27.  From there you can decide how you can best help out – by attending meetings, running for a board position, assisting with sponsorship or fundraisers or volunteering at events.






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All students of LSA will be provided a personalized flexible learning environment that offers the opportunity to improve ski skills for both competitive and noncompetitive athletes while leveraging the learning opportunities  available in the Castle Corridor.

Community and educational partners to LSA provide an alternative educational experience that balances student academic needs with true experiential alpine activities.
The Academy is open to students from Grades 4-12. International students, LRSD students, and students from outside our division are welcome.
LSA is a year-round program that offers students additional learning opportunities in outdoor pursuits, environmental education, tourism, CTS, and other options available at Livingstone School.


LSA offers a variety of instruction for racing and freestyle skiing.  Our coaches oversee the progress of each student, matching ability with instruction.  The program is available for both recreational and competitive athletes.  Students may move between the two based on progress.

LSA provides students with on-hill training 3 days a week. All training is during instructional hours, allowing athletes to return to their competition programs on the weekend.

LSA uses only approved coaches in collaboration with the Castle Mountain Race Club and Castle Mountain Freestyle Club along with our community partners.

The Alpine Experience in Livingstone

Students will have the opportunity to experience work, life and play in the Alberta alpine.

Activities may include but are not limited to snowshoeing, mountain biking, tourism, entrepreneurship, environmental studies, ski patrol/first aid, ski instructing, avalanche awareness, backcountry survival, ski hill management, outdoor education, and many others.

Activities will work directly into their academic schedule to deepen their learning experience.

Key Features of the Academy

  • Coaches match instruction with ability
  • Castle Mountain is a world class mountain with a variety of terrain
  • Castle Mountain located just 35 minutes away from Livingstone School
  • Personalized/flexible/innovative/inclusive program
  • Livingstone School staff provides students with an engaging learning experience
  • Accommodations allow students to be fully immersed in the community
  • On and off-hill training facilities available
  • A variety of programmin and option courses available
  • A focus on development of the whole child
  • A variety of programming and option courses offered