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Just Another Day at School

By Jason Clifton

The Livingstone Ski Academy (LSA) is in its third year of operations. Over the past two school years LSA has been changing how students at Livingstone School, in Lundbreck Alberta, experience their education while redefining what it means to be a ski academy. This year, we opened enrollment to grade four students making LSA a grade four to twelve program that has expanded from twenty five to sixty three student enrollments going into our third year.

The LSA prides itself on being inclusive; we do not screen our students for academic achievement, or athletic capability. The only prerequisite to join LSA is a passion for the outdoors and a love of snow sports. The LSA is a public academy functioning out of a public school and we pride ourselves on keeping our tuition cost as low as possible. Through fundraising, grant writing and sponsorship efforts, the LSA is perhaps the most accessible ski academy in the country. Many of the students attend fundraising events such as the landfill cleanups and our annual fiesta where they are able to help generate funds that keep tuition costs down. This method of ‘earning your keep’ fosters a sense of responsibility and appreciation among our student athletes.

LSA staff and students are extremely fortunate to have access to what is arguable some of the best ski and snowboarding terrain in the world. Our innovative partnership with Castle Mountain has enabled LSA student athletes to receive professional coaching twice a week for grades four to six and three days a week for grades seven through twelve all season long. LSA boast a wide range of training options for our skiers and boarders. Developmental, freestyle, alpine and big mountain cohorts of LSA skiers and boarders can be seen sharpening their technique on piste, or floating through the powder with their friends from the far north to the legendary glades on Haig most days of the week.

Besides skiing, the LSA offers students a variety of unique learning opportunities including, high school level fitness and weight training options, level 1 CSIA certification, shoulder season mountain bike and kayaking trips as well as volunteer service and community building opportunities. All LSA students participate in a special program that offers a holistic approach to student development focusing on five specific domains including: academic, personal interests, career preparation, personal wellness and community service; we call this program the Continuum of Learning. Our blend of quality education and alpine athleticism promotes physical fitness and a healthy, active lifestyle while helping our student athletes make possible athletic, recreation and other alpine industry career connections. Through specialized programing, the LSA represents an opportunity to provide innovative, engaging, and memorable learning experience for students regardless of skiing ability, academic aptitude, or socio-economic status and we are extremely pleased to be able to offer this unique and exciting program at Livingstone School. 

For more information about the program please contact the LSA Program Coordinator, Jason Clifton:

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